Here at OK Process Validation we are passionate about improving your plant and processes so if you would like to:

  • Reduce process variability
  • Improve quality
  • Improve plant up-time
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Make sense of the data you collect
  • Understand your processes better
  • Make better, more informed decisions

Then please contact us. We have many years’ experience across a wide range of industries. We never work on commission to sell you things so you can have confidence that you will get honest, unbiased advice.

Here are just a couple of examples of our work.

It is a common belief that fitting variable speed drives to centrifugal pumps is a certain way to save money. This is far from universally true. Variable speed drives can give very good savings but can also be disappointing. At OK Process Validation we understand the difference and can advise on the correct application of variable speed drives.

We have visited many pumping stations which have variable speed drives. In well over half of these cases the control philosophy was far from optimum thus wasting energy. Please contact us to find out whether your stations can be improved.

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