About Us

Companies and businesses are as much about people as about products so here is little about our founding directors.

Rob Hill is a Physics graduate and Chartered Mechanical Engineer with almost 40 years’ experience in manufacturing and process companies. Prior to 2003 he had worked for Lucas at their Research Centre, for UKAEA on the fast reactor project and was Engineering Director at a large foundry for 17 years. Since 2003 he has been busy as an independent Engineering Consultant providing clients with project management expertise and advice on optimising plant and processes. Most recently, this has involved work concerning efficiency, specifically energy efficiency, relating to sewage pumping.

Andrew Soltysik is a graduate in Electronic Engineering and has been involved in bespoke electronic design and development for the last 30 years. The scope of work has been varied, ranging from the design of military RF communication equipment to providing hull protection for shipping. New projects continually call on past experience to ensure the final solution has been considered in every detail. Technically able and fully resourced he aims to deliver the package to satisfy the need.

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