About OK Process Validation

OK Process Validation Ltd was formed in 2013 by Engineers Rob Hill and Andrew Soltysik to develop devices which detect when processes are not operating “as they should” and therefore running at increased cost, impaired quality or increased risk. We specifically set out to design devices from the perspective of YOU, the end user. Rob, in particular, has many years’ experience in managing and operating plant and processes over a wide variety of industries so we feel we are in a good position to judge what is important and what is not.

In an ideal world we would all like to have a person with knowledge and experience watching over our processes. That person would have sufficient knowledge to distinguish between false alarms and real events. We would trust that person to judge whether the process was OK or not and to alert someone if corrective action was needed. In the real world, of course, we can’t do this, but we would still like that same level of confidence that things are running OK. At OK Process Validation we have developed devices which emulate the observations and decisions that would be made by an experienced and knowledgeable person.


  • We always place our devices close to the process in order to get the best information.
  • We have algorithms to filter out false alarms (just like a real person would).
  • We only issue alarms if something is important, urgent or both (like an experienced person).
  • We don’t expect you to trawl through data to determine if your process is OK
  • We do collect data in case you want to study something in detail
  • Data is written to a memory card and transmitted via gprs modem.
  • We issue alarms via a relay interface (e.g. to telemetry) and via sms

Our first products, FlowK and SECMaster, are designed for sewage pumping stations. Other applications will follow. Please contact us if you have a need for devices like this.

Take a look under the PRODUCTS tab to see more detail.

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